Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a great time visiting family in Austin this past Easter weekend. We had Birthday parties, picnics, bbq's, egg hunting and lots and lots of "cascarones" It was also Cristian's first experience with colored boiled eggs. Remember, his daddy is a chef so we never had boiled eggs for Easter. The risk of food poisoning is too high. Well, our sweet and active 4 year old was crushing the "cascarones" (confetti eggs) then throwing them at everyone and anyone who was near by. Then, he reached for an egg that felt like a confetti egg....then proceeded to crush it and throw it. OUCH!! I got hit about three times with crushed boiled eggs!

Hope you had a great time making wonderful memories!!! I know I'll cherish this one for a long time!

Love ya,


Alene said...

Sounds like you had fun. We did too. We went through about 20 dozen of confetti eggs, but our kids are all teenagers. I miss you. Call me and fill me in on you and your familia. love you.

Alene said...

Hey girl - I just thought of your blog. I think you should blog and record your journey on the days you feel like it. I miss you and pray for you much!!!