Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love Autum

I love the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, pumpkin pie and sweet hot tea.
What I do not like is the stomach flu and other little bugs that come along with the season. Yeap, all my boys got it. One after the other. The cleaning up is yuckie, and the smell... But the worse is watching my babies in pain and I can't give them anything or do anything to make it better. Thank God, it only last about 24hrs (times three of course). Now, they are all better and I am exhausted! So, I seep my tea and enjoy the cool weather for a little while, while the boys are at practice and Cristian plays in the backyard. Emphasis on little, the dogs are now barking and Cristian is trying to get my attention.
Stay healthy,


Ada Jackson said...

Wow - this is pretty neat. How did you get started on this? When the weather turns, it always reminds me of my first date with Jeff...since it was October 27. Ahhhhh............blah!

Alene said...

Glad you all are getting better over there! We should take some times for ourselves and enjoy the fall together for a LITTLE while.

Amanda said...

We really all need abreak with alll the stress that there is around us. and sickness and i do feeel yucky i know that for sure.